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The Austrian company PHYTONIQ combines automated indoor farming with manual care and caution.

Founded in 2017, the company is developing into a globally sought- after partner of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries worldwide thanks to its innovative and efficient solutions.


Our own research and development department looks after customers from the idea and first requirement right through to the finished natural product. Patented solutions, the latest methods and techniques have guaranteed the best quality and reliability for products of all sizes for years. PhytonIQ not only accompanies its customers in the production of raw plants, but also takes over the production of raw materials and extracts on request.


Every customer has individual requirements and needs tailor-made, innovative and above all efficient solutions.

PhytonIQ combines unique know-how and maximum performance in the field of indoor farming and plants as well as in the technology and support of the plants.

Experienced experts develop and cultivate plants of the highest quality. Researchers and technicians advise, plan and construct indoor farms for individual cultivation.

The results are tailor-made products and systems with a focus on taste, economy, efficiency, ecology, safety and health.