PhytonIQ produces and cultivates high-quality plants whose quality is in demand worldwide. The cultivation methods used are hydroponics, aeroponics and fleece techniques.

The plants are looked after by our own experienced production team. The diversity of varieties is constantly being adapted and varied.


The Experts at PhytonIQ call Wasabi the „super plant “. Just as its unique taste is sought after worldwide, so too are its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

Its excellent properties find a wide range of applications, both in the culinary, medical and food supplement industries.

From an economic point of view, the difficult cultivation of the plant due to its slow growth is an advantage in that it is difficult for competitors to imitate it. Despite the low supply of the market, demand is high. Here too, PhytonIQ relies on zero-waste production in which 100% of the goods are recycled.



Microgreens are edible small vegetable and cereal greens. The „mini-greens” score points with their high nutrient content and intense aroma, which gives salads, soups and sandwiches that certain something. It can also be used to refine spreads, pestos and green smoothies. The „power plants “are often referred to as superfood.

The fresh plants are mainly intended for high end gastronomy and hotels but are also appreciated by private consumers.

The PhytonIQ microgreens have a wide range of flavors. The high quality, unique taste and individually offered variety make PhytonIQ an in-demand partner worldwide.

Further processed products are also supplied for industrial processing on request.


The internal research and development department advises customers on their individual requirements and wishes. Solutions are being developed to grow special microgreen varieties worldwide to customer specifications. In addition, PhytonIQ also develops other types of vegetables and herbs on customer request.