Crowdfunding project – PHYTONIQ WASABI:

Water is the most precious resource on our planet. About 60 % of the freshwater consumption can be attributed to current agricultural practices. According to the IPCC, agriculture is responsible for 31 % of emissions effecting the climate and there is a heavy use of pesticides and fertilizers. Until the food ends up on our plates, it goes through long transportation routes with energy-intensive cold storages. In addition, climate change, extreme weather events and a fast-growing world population challenge traditional agriculture.

With the desire to improve our situation in a sustainable way, the PHYTONIQ was founded in Jannuary 2017.

“PhytonIQ, in full responsibility for the environment and humankind, strives to develop sustainable, CO2 neutral as well as economically successful production sites of high-quality crops. We stand for best quality, innovative technology and highly-efficient processes. “