The Team

DI Martin Parapatits, BSc


The founder of PHYTONIQ, Martin Parapatits has a broad, interdisciplinary knowledge in different fields of expertise, through his three completed studies in Civil Engineering (TU Vienna, 1998), Environmental Sciences (University of Hagen, 2011) and Astronomy (University of Vienna, 2013).
His 20-year professional experience include the technical aspects of the building constructions, as well as sales and acquisition activities. In addition, he was managing a civil engineer GmbH and responsible for the site management of an engineering office. He was also entrusted with engineering activities in the areas of energy efficiency, contaminated sites, water law, demolition and recycling.

Eszter Simon


The architect and future food technologist Eszter Stefanics-Simon is the CEO of PHYTONIQs affiliate named PHYTOPRISE GmbH. She has many years of professional experience in the field of project development and in architecture and building physics, as well as in buildings management and design. Additionally, she has a comprehensive know-how for sustainable energy systems. Her studies in food technology, provide her with the necessary background knowledge for food-technological processes and one of her main responsibilities is the product development and further processing procedures.

Mag. Roman Schweitzer


The tax consultant Roman Schweitzer (Chamber of Economic Trustees) is responsible for the financial and business planning. He graduated at the WU Vienna and is currently managing director of his tax consulting company “Schweitzer + Partner” (currently 40 employees) which was founded in 1999. Roman Schweitzer brings a profound knowledge and extensive experience from the business world.
His competencies include financial planning, controlling, taxation and tax law. He is also an expert on financial criminal law. Furthermore, he is CEO, chairman and a member of the board of directors.